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Flying Gang Story
Heart of the Caribbean.

An abbreviated history...

PART 1. Treasure, pirates and of course, rum… can you ever get your fill?

Our name pays homage to the rebels who plied the seas - wreaking havoc on the established world order and brave enough to stand in the way of an empire.


The Caribbean’s pirates, characters seemingly created from fantasy, have long held a place in many a heart; captivating and enchanting our imaginations. However, this is not a fantasy, but the true historical and amazing tale of one of the largest heists in pirate lore.


The history of the Flying Gang all starts off the coast of La Florida, when in 1715 the Spanish treasure fleet sank during a hurricane.

Upon learning of the disaster, Henry Jennings devised a plan, as did Benjamin Hornigold, Sam Bellamy and Charles Vane, to steal the treasure from the Spanish salvage effort. Calling themselves the Flying Gang, they would later come to include none other than Edward “Blackbeard” Teach, Calico Jack Rackham, Stede Bonnet, Edward England, Anne Bonney and Mary Reed.


The Flying Gang established their Republic of Pirates in Nassau, New Providence; in the Bahama Islands. They achieved great fame and enormous wealth, established their own codes and governed themselves independent of the colonial powers at the time.

Taste History 1.png
Taste History 1.png
Taste History 1.png
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Spirit of America
Spirit of America
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AM SPIRIT 1 - Copy.png
AM SPIRIT 1 - Copy.png

Flying Gang Rum History.

PART 2. Americas Original Spirit.
When it comes to rum, the Caribbean and America have a long and storied history together.
Estimates of rum consumption in the American colonies, before the American Revolutionary War, had every patriot drinking an average of 3 imperial gallons of rum each year.
Rum was an indispensable part of early American life and production was on an industrial scale. When the crown taxed molasses and sugar exports from the Caribbean to the colonies, in a series of Acts culminating in the Stamp Act of 1765, it would lead directly to the American Revolution.
Rum was so revered that George Washington himself ordered that Barbados rum be served to all at the first inauguration in 1789!
While the story of rum in America may be little known today its importance cannot be overlooked.

The story and production of rum, having been overshadowed after the Revolution, by the availability of less expensive ingredients (like wheat, rye, barley and corn) and the production of other spirits; the luxury that is rum, the story and spirit live on.

No other spirit can claim to be Americas first and original spirit!

Flying Gang Rum the benchmark of lasting impressions.

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Gold & Rum

Today when we consider the Golden age of Piracy and the Flying Gang we think of swashbuckling, colorful, dynamic buccaneers and we make light of the danger, challenge and struggle to survive.


During this period few of life’s pleasures could be counted on with any certainty. While gold made the world go 'round, it was with great reverence that rum was counted amongst those few pleasures…It was, in fact so valuable that it was once worth more than gold.

Enjoy the pleasure...Flying Gang Rum!


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